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Embark on a New Wave of Beach Leisure with the AnchorONE Beach Umbrella Anchor by Anchor Works 

Elevate your beach lifestyle with Anchor Works’ AnchorONE – a sleek and simple solution designed to enhance your beach experience by securely anchoring your beach umbrella. Our patented design establishes substantial weight below ground level, utilizing the natural beach sand. This innovative approach effectively counters wind forces, ensuring your beach umbrella stays firmly anchored throughout your day by the shore. Welcome to a new era of effortless and secure beach relaxation! 

Key Benefits

Patented Stability: Our innovative design counteracts wind forces, ensuring your beach umbrella stays firmly anchored. 

Breeze Through Setup: Effortless installation allows you to worry less and enjoy the beach more. 

Convenience Tray: An adjustable tray keeps essentials sand-free, providing a dedicated space for cell phones, drinks, and more. 

Portability: Lightweight and accompanied by an upcycled fabric carry bag, the AnchorONE is easily transported. 

Durable Weatherproof Build: Crafted with long-lasting materials to withstand the elements, ensuring extended use. 

Stylish Options: Choose from 5 beach-inspired colors to complement your personal style and elevate your beach aesthetic. 

Universal Fit: Compatible with most standard consumer beach umbrellas, offering versatility for various setups. 

Experience a new level of beach leisure with AnchorONE – where stability meets style, and relaxation knows no bounds. 

*Beach Umbrella Not Included

Kit Includes: 

  • AnchorONE Beach Umbrella Anchor Base (+bag)
  • Adjustable Convenience Tray
  • Sand Spade

Additional information

Weight 3.2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in

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