Living the American Dream

The Anchor Works brand is deeply rooted in a love for the beach. We believe that to properly enjoy a day at the beach, it is important to use products that are safe, convenient, smartly constructed, stylish and bring out the good vibes to make for the best day at the beach. 

Our founder, Derek Conlon, is a first generation Irish immigrant who first arrived in the United States, landing on Rockaway Beach in 1985. The very core of the Anchor Works brand channels that same era. We yearn for the freedom and the electric energy of the beach in the 1980s.

Today, Derek is a medically-retired New York City union construction worker and currently lives with his family in the Bronx. In his retirement, he discovered tranquility amongst the noise of the concrete jungle at his local beach. Because life is always better at the beach! 

It was during his frequent beach trips that Derek discovered a major problem that really bothered him. On a number of occasions, he saw dangerous, wind blown beach umbrellas that posed a major safety issue to beach-goers. 

Known by his family to be a problem solver, Derek rolled up his sleeves and spent months engaged in countless rudimentary attempts at prototypes and ways to anchor an umbrella safely and securely in the sand. Ultimately, his goal was to come up with a solution that would make beach-goers safer by preventing airborne beach umbrellas. After many months of hard work, he finalized the design and created The Anchor. 

Fast forward to today, Anchor Works is a popular lifestyle beach brand with patented products that make the beach experience better. Our products have been well received in the market and are clearly a better approach to securing beach umbrellas. 

Our company is owned and operated by Derek and his family. In everything we do as a brand, we try to embody our founder’s passion for tackling problems head on with smart solutions that help beach-goers to upgrade their beach experience. It’s all about recharging at the beach in the best way possible!