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Don't Worry. Beach Happy!

Secure Your Beach Umbrella with Anchor Works for A Safer Way To Beach

Beach Umbrellas can be dangerous if not properly secured. Each year, there are over 3,000 injuries caused by flying beach umbrellas. Anchor Works is committed to solving this problem.

With a mission to improve beach safety and elevate your beach experience, we have created a safer, more convenient, and fun way to beach.

Beach Umbrellas are Dangerous.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission flying beach umbrellas injure more than 3,000 beachgoers each year and even cause an occasional death. Anchor Works is Committed to Eliminating Wind-Blown Umbrellas from the Beach. News of such injuries raise alarm among the beach community prompting state and local regulators to promise new safety rules which could take years to implement. Beachgoers Deserve Safer Beaches NOW. Anchor Works’ umbrella stabilizers, when paired with your typical consumer beach umbrella, instantly improves its safety. Our patented design creates weight at the base of the umbrella to prevent it from becoming wind-blown creating a hazard for beachgoers. Don’t be the one whose beach umbrella harms another. Secure it with an Anchor Works stabilizer and help make the beaches safer for everyone.

The Anchor Works Solution

Anchor Works’ US Patented umbrella anchor design improves safety for beach umbrellas enabling a safer day at the beach. Anchor Works’ stabilizers (the Anchor and AnchorONE) create weight under the umbrella, beneath the grade of the sand to resist the wind and keep the umbrella anchored to the beach. Each is quickly and easy installed and takes no space under the umbrella and includes a convenience tray to keep drinks, and other items up out of the sand. Either Anchor Works’ stabilizer be paired with a typical consumer umbrella or may be paired with our umbrella for our most secure solution - the Anchor Works’ Anchor or AnchorONE Safety Shade Combo. The “Combo” integrates our Anchor or Anchor Mini with our Classic Style beach umbrella, securing them together with two stainless-steel pins which lock the umbrella poles together and the umbrella to the stabilizer.

Protect Yourself And Fellow Beachgoers. Secure Your Beach Umbrella with the Anchor.

A brand new patented design developed right here in the USA.

Anchor Works’ Universal Beach Umbrella Stabilizers are a superior solution for securing your beach umbrella in the sand. Our new, USA patented design utilizes base weight below ground level to counteract the forces of the wind and protect you, your family, and fellow beachgoers from the dangers of wind-blown beach umbrellas.

What Is The Anchor And How Does It Work?

Install in Six Easy Steps!


Assemble Your Anchor or AnchorOne
Assemble Anchor

Dig a 1.5 ft Hole with Sand Spade
Dig Hole

Place Your Anchor in the Hole
Place Anchor In Hole

Pack Sand Around and Into Base Until Covered and Use Feet to Tamp Down
Pack Sand

Insert the Umbrella and Align the Holes to Receive Shaft Pin
Insert Umbrella

Insert Pin Through Aligned Holes at Umbrella Joint and Tighten Knob
Dark Blue Anchor Mini Combo in Sand

Don't Worry. Beach Happy!

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