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Our Mission
Anchor Works is a visionary product development company that creates smart, safe solutions for beach lovers and the businesses that serve them.


Beach Umbrellas are Dangerous… The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports there are over 3,000 serious injuries each year caused by flying beach umbrellas. Deaths, while rare, do occur. The recent spike in serious injuries and deaths from wind-blown beach umbrellas has captured the focus of the media, beachgoers everywhere, as well as federal lawmakers, state regulators and local beach management authorities. Unfortunately, the heightened focus on the issue and new regulations is always temporary, receding from focus until the next catastrophe. We are changing that by working with ASTM to set the standard for beach safety.

How We Do it?

The Anchor, our flagship product, employs a new and patented design that delivers superior stability and security for your beach umbrella allowing for a safer, more convenient and enjoyable day at the beach. Our most secure solution pairs The Anchor with our Classic Beach Umbrella, which is specially designed and manufactured to complement our base and ensure that your beach umbrella does not detach and become airborne. Our Classic Beach Umbrella is available in our five unique colors to coordinate with our base for a sleek and stylish all in one system. The Anchor is also compatible with most beach umbrellas, enhancing the security for your current beach umbrella!

Protect Yourself And Fellow Beachgoers. Secure Your Beach Umbrella with the Anchor.

A brand new patented design developed right here in the USA.

The Anchor is a beach umbrella stabilizer made of lightweight material allowing for a safe and hassle free day at the beach. The days of chasing your umbrella down the surf are over! Simple and intelligent, our special patented design includes a bowl at the base which restricts any umbrella from blowing away. An adjustable table helps avoid getting sand in all those holes and crevices… of your phones and drinks of course.

What Is The Anchor And How Does It Work?

Install in Six Easy Steps! 


Dig a Hole

Insert The Anchor

Pack the Base with Sand

Stomp Down

Insert Umbrella

Fasten Shaft Pin

Bring on the Beach!

Now you can pair your beach umbrella stabilizer with our classic umbrella! Like The Anchor, it embodies our values through simple, yet intelligent design. We have carefully sourced our umbrellas to pair perfectly with our sleek and practically designed Anchor for an effortless trip to the beach. The Classic Umbrella is not only attractive, it is functional, aerodynamic and strong!

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