About Us

Anchor Works Enterprises, LLC is a family-owned and operated product development company that creates smart, safe solutions for beach lovers and the businesses that serve them.

Anchor Works as a brand prioritizes safety, convenience, comfort and fun for the ultimate beach experience. Our flagship product, The Anchor™, is a superior solution for securing and anchoring your beach umbrella. It employs a new, patented design that optimizes base weight to reduce the risk of personal injury resulting from wind-blown umbrellas.

Our most secure solution pairs The Anchor™ Base with our Classic Beach Umbrella, which is specially designed and manufactured to complement our base and ensure that your beach umbrella does not detach and become airborne.

The Anchor™ Base is compatible with most umbrellas and will enhance the security for your existing umbrella.

Anchor Works is actively expanding its product offerings, continuing the creation of quality beach leisure products that prioritize safety, convenience, comfort and fun.


The Origin of The Anchor and Anchor Works

The ConlonsOur founder, Derek Conlon, is a medically retired NYC union construction worker and first generation Irish immigrant who first arrived to the US, landing on Rockaway Beach in 1985. 

He is currently living with his family in the Bronx, New York. While rehabilitating from multiple chronic work injuries, Derek Conlon found tranquility amongst the noise of city life, at his local beach, Orchard Beach in New York. 

However, during his trips to the beach he witnessed firsthand, several times, the significant dangers of wind blown beach umbrellas.

Over several months and many more visits to the beach, and with a vivid imagination Derek engaged in countless rudimentary attempts at a prototype as he created and refined the idea that is the basis of The Anchor.  His goal was to produce a safer, more secure approach to anchoring beach umbrellas and prevent the dangers airborne beach umbrellas pose to the beachgoer.

With the design clearly in mind, and over a period of eight months or so, he set about finalizing the design. He initiated the engineering process first by having specifications created. He then commissioned the first molds with his first manufacturer, and promptly created the first run.

The company has launched and is in the process of introducing The Anchor™, its new, patented, and safer beach umbrella stabilizer to the market. The product has been well received in the market place and is clearly a superior approach to secure beach umbrellas and reduce the risk of injury or worse to beach goers.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with someone directly, we would be more than happy to assist you.