Marketstyle Kit


Superior Security for Your Beach Umbrella + Peace of Mind for you!

Our newest umbrella design features a slimline marketstyle parasol for a more aerodynamic design and improved wind resistance.

Kit Includes:

● Marketstyle Beach Umbrella
● AnchorONE Beach Umbrella Anchor Base
● Adjustable Convenience Tray
● Sand Spade
● Carry-All Bag

*Marketstyle umbrella and anchor not sold separately*


Features & Benefits

Superior Stability and Security

  • Reservoir base with protruding weathervanes anchor and stabilize your beach umbrella once installed and fastened.
  • Below Ground Level Base Weight of ~70lbs outperforms any other anchors on the market, eliminates tripping hazards and allows for more room beneath the shade compared to other designs.
  • Beach Umbrella Stabilizer Shaft Locking Pin semi permanently affixes your beach umbrella to below ground level base weight to keep your umbrella secure all day long.
  • Screw Fastener adds double security by stabilizing and limiting umbrella movement.


  • Compact Design for easy storage.
  • Durable Lightweight Material allows for easy transportation from your car to the sand.
  • Quick and Easy Installation and Removal which take less than five minutes with easy-to-follow guidelines.
  • Sand Spade to dig your hole and for the kids to play with!
  • Adjustable Convenience Tray with cup and phone holders to keep the sand out, and keep your drinks cool for a more enjoyable, carefree beach experience.
  • Adjustable Sleeves allows Anchor Works’ Universal Beach Umbrella Stabilizers to fit with and immediately improve the safety of your existing standard consumer beach umbrella.
  • Upcycled Carry Bag for easy transport to and from the beach.


  • Our universal beach umbrella stabilizer design is not only functional and convenient, but also sleek and sensible, taking up no extra space beneath the shade like other designs so you and your loved ones can stay cool and avoid tripping hazards while in and out of the heat of the summer sun.
  • Five Unique Colorways– Whatever your style, we have options! Our AnchorONE Universal Beach Umbrella Stabilizer comes in 5 hot and beachy colors, dusky sunset orange, deep ocean blue, sky blue, sea foam green and summer sun yellow.

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