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Anchor Works LLC is proud to offer retail partner programs! We understand that floor space and storage areas are at a premium so we have tailored the following programs for our retail partners.


  • Referral Partner gets Anchor Works welcome kit with digital marketing material
  • Partner receives custom affiliate links to share with referral audience
  • Code discount & Partner perks increase based on referral volume
  • Anchor Works handles fulfillment to customer


  • Retailer purchases bulk amounts of product from Anchor Works LLC (20 piece min)
  • Retailer benefits from wholesale pricing
  • Retailer takes delivery of and stores products in-store
  • Anchor Works will connect with Retailer periodically to ensure inventory is always available
  • Includes one day of Anchor Works sales. On a date of your choosing, our staff will come on-location and sell product on your behalf


Referral Wholesale Program
  • Retailer can utilize both options in conjunction with each other

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