How To Stop Your Beach Umbrella From Blowing Away With the Umbrella Anchor from Anchor Works

Not only do you want to relax and enjoy your day at the beach, but you want yourself, your family and others safe. Beach umbrellas have been known to blow away and injure beachgoers. In rare cases, beach umbrellas have even caused deaths. The last thing you want to worry about is having to stop your beach umbrella from blowing away. Here at Anchor Works, we offer the best umbrella Anchors, so everyone can stay safe. Keep reading to learn more about how our anchor stops your umbrella from blowing away, and order online today!

Pick Your Desired Beach Spot

First, you’ll need to pick your beach spot. With our beach umbrella with sand anchor, you can pick any spot you want that has a good level of sand in which to bury your beach Umbrella’s Anchor. There are no limits.

beach umbrella anchor in the sand on a beach

Dig A Space For Your Beach Umbrella

Bury the base of umbrella Anchor in the sand, in order to stay put. Anchor Works’ umbrella anchor come with an attached spade, making this job easy. Simply detach the space and begin digging. This only takes two minutes and you can return to fun in the sun!

anchor works beach umbrella and beach umbrella anchor

Fill The Anchor Up

Once you’ve dug a deep enough space, place The Anchor in the hole and fill up the base with the sand and pack around the sides if there is space! This will secure the Anchor in place and stop your beach umbrella from blowing away. Make sure the base is completely full and covered.

anchor works anchor and shovel on the beach

Place Your Umbrella & Enjoy!

Once the anchor base is securely placed, insert your Beach Umbrella and fasten it using the screw. Now you are ready to enjoy a safe and fun beach day with under five minutes of work!

anchor works beach umbrellas on the beach

Order Today and Stay Safe at the Beach!

Our beach umbrella Anchor stays secure the entire day at the beach. You can enjoy the water, the waves, and the sand comfortably. Stay safe with our best sand Anchor.


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