The Anchor
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Beach Umbrella and Umbrella Stand in Deep Ocean Blue
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Our patented beach umbrella Anchor is revolutionizing the way we look at beach safety, convenience, and relaxation.

The Anchor

The Latest in Beach Technology.


The beach umbrella Anchor secures your umbrella from the force of wind, helping to prevent the dangers of flying umbrellas!


See the video below!  Installation and removal are beyond easy.


Avoid unsightly tools that don’t work. The Anchor is not only functional, but it is sleek and sexy.


Our Anchor System not only secures your umbrella it also includes a table and cup holders!


Elevates relaxation by eliminating the job and effort of umbrella duty.

Anchors Away!

Matching Umbrellas Also Available

Our beach umbrella anchor, The Anchor, is made of lightweight material allowing for a safe and hassle free day at the beach. Simple and intelligent, our special patented design includes a bowl at the base which restricts any umbrella from blowing away. Those days of chasing your umbrella down the surf are over! 

We have even included a convenient table to help avoid getting sand in unwanted places such as drinks and phones. Did we mention that the table is adjustable too? That’s right! Slide it up or down for convenient access whether sitting or laying. 

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